Our Background

TCM,The Road to Vitality

Lian Tong Investment Pte Ltd

Lian Tong Investment Pte Ltd was setup as investment company whose primary role is to manage the assets owned by the group.

Lian Tong (S) International Pte Ltd

Lian Tong (S) International Pte Ltd was setup to provide the purchasing branch of the group. Their primary role is to assist customer in purchase of products from China, Guangzhou, which will come in sealed 20″/40″ containers, co-shipment in sealed 20”/40” containers. They will assist in custom declarations within both countries.

Kenlife Corporation Pte Ltd

Kenlife Corporation Pte Ltd was setup in 20th August 1998. The primary objective of the company was then to be a reseller dealing with traditional Chinese herbs in Singapore. We started off by purchasing from the local traditional Chinese herbs wholesalers and reselling them off to our customers.


Kenlife has grown over the years to become an importer, wholesaler and distributor of TCM specializing in Dang Shen, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Du Zhong, Bei Qi and other major traditional Chinese herbs. We also deal with Chinese barley, dried flowers, all sorts of dates, and many others.


Our herbs and other products are procured mainly in China, Guangzhou,and sometimes other parts of China. All of our procured herbs and other products are then delivered to our partner’s warehouse in China, Guangzhou. If necessary, the procured herbs are then further process, sort and repack at the warehouse.


When all the herbs are processed, they are exported from Guangzhou to Singapore. It usually takes about 10 to 12 days for the container to arrive in Singapore. Upon arrival at Singapore, the container will be towed to our warehouse at Bukit Batok and be unloaded.


Kenlife Corporation Pte Ltd hopes that with the support of our valued partners in both Singapore and China, we would be able to further enhance our valued customer base with better quality valued products and services.


Our customers are based in Singapore and Malaysia. They include: –

• Chinese pharmaceutical plants,

o Yi Shi Yuan Pte Ltd (忆思源私人有限公司)

o Ho Poh Onn Medical Hall (M) Sdn Bhd (何保安藥行(马)有限公司)

• Food processing/packaging factories,

o Bachmann Japanese Restaurant Pte Ltd

o Japan Foods Enterprises Pte Ltd

 New Manlee Bak Kut Teh – Bugis+

o Hup Huat Noodles Pte Ltd (合發麺工業私人有限公司)

o JR Foods Pte Ltd (佳樂富食品工業私人有限公司)

o Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck (源记香港烧腊)

o Hee Lai Ton Food Trading (喜来登食品贸易)

o Swee Aik Food Manufactory (瑞益珠江烧腊)

o Yap Chai Lack Roasted Pig (葉財六焼臘)

o Yi Xiang Roasted Products (异香烧腊食品)

• Chinese medicinal halls,

o Eu Yan Sang (Singapore) Pte Ltd (余仁生)

o Tang Shan Chinese Medical Hospital Pte Ltd (唐山中医院)

o Tang Shan TCM Healthcare Pte Ltd (唐山中医院)


• 中成药制造商,

• 食物处理与包装商,

• 现代与传统中药行。

Herbal Parade (Sin Kim Foh)

Herbal Parade (Sin Kim Foh) was setup to provide the e-Commerce branch of the group. Its primary role is the sales of traditional Chinese herbs, and others via orders from the internet.