The Full Story


Herbal Parade (Sin Kim Foh) started as a Traditional Chinese Medical Hall in Tanglin Halt. The owner has completed his diploma of Pharmacy in Chinese medicine, collaborated between with Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and the TCM College (Singapore). With his expertise and experience, you can be assured the herbs are selected with great care to give the best effectiveness of each individual herbs, and herbal soups.



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To promote the idea "Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Way to Vitality"

​推广 “中医中药,养生之道” 的概念




To create a platform for the sharing of the correct information of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In addition, to also provide the sale of authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine.


A brief understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is long and rich. The fact that TCM has existed for thousands of years, and TCM is still being used today is a testimonial of its value to the healthcare system.

In the development of TCM over the years, there was no sequential and systematical build up of TCM knowledge. Different TCM practitioners will through their experience in observation, smell, ask, feeling of pulse and may prescribe a person with the same symptoms different herbal remedies. But each herbal remedy will cure the symptoms even though they have different herbal ingredients

TCM plays a very important part in the history of medicine. It is important to understand TCM through history and this will gives further insight to TCM and establishes its validity in the healthcare system.