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华人补冬的含义 (The significance of Tonifying Winter for the Chinese)

Updated: Sep 6

According to Chinese habits, winter is a good time to "tonify" the body, commonly known as "tonifying winter"。 This year it falls on the third day of October on the lunar calendar (07/11/2021).

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the herbal tonic is most easily absorbed by the body at the beginning of winter, and it is not easy to get heaty when the weather is cold. The beginning of winter is the hub of yin-yang qi exchange between heaven and earth, and it is also the relevant moment of yin-yang qi exchange in the human body. It is seen as a day to make up and adapt to seasonal changes in climate, adjust physical fitness, and strengthen physical fitness to withstand the cold winter.

We have come up with a list of herbal soup (https://shopee.sg/CHINESE-HERBAL-SOUP-PACKAGE-i.432198044.2956076738) that are frequently drank by Chinese. These herbal soups are suitable for our climate to tonify and nourish our bodies.

按照中国人的习惯,冬天是对身体“进补”的大好时节,俗称“补冬”。今年的补冬是华人的十月初三 (07/11/2021)。


我们有一系列华人经常喝的补汤 (https://shopee.sg/CHINESE-HERBAL-SOUP-PACKAGE-i.432198044.2956076738)。这些补汤适合我们的气候,以滋补和滋润我们的身体为主。

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