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8 Natural Ways to Improve the Immune System

Our immune system is mainly to protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria. A properly functioning immune system helps one go about daily life when one encounters with viruses and bacteria. A strong immune system can help to prevent one from falling sick or recover faster therefore it is important to improve our immune. There are 8 simple way to improve your immunity naturally.

8 Natural Ways to Improve the Immune System

1. Eating more whole grain

It is well-known that whole grain are beneficial to our health. Whole grains contain vitamins and mineral, they are high in fiber, and a variety of phytochemicals that will improve our health. Recently, there is research that found that whole grain products contain benzoxazinoids or BX, a substance that can boost your immune system.

There are quite a few whole grains products that one can incorporate into the daily meal, they are China Barley, Xiang Lian, Qian Shi (all 3 can be added to white grain porridge, to add flavors and boost whole grain intake)

2. Exercise

Regular moderate exercise helps to control your weight, reduce the risk of heart diseases, helps to quit smoking, improves your quality of sleep and improve one's mental health. Exercise also aids in boosting your energy level. With exercise, it helps in the following ways to improve one's immunity. It might not directly improve the immune system, but it helps indirectly.

3. Getting adequate sleep

Have you ever wondered why the cold medication given by the doctor causes you to be drowsy? The reason is simple - when you sleep well, your immune system will be stronger, and you can fight the cold virus and recover faster. Therefore, it is important to get adequate amount of sleep so that you will not weaken your immune system.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a body clock that suggests that the best time to sleep is before 11p.m.

4. Reduce the stress level

Studies have shown that one who is consistently stressed up tends to fall sick more easily and might suffer chronic, mental and heart diseases. There are many ways to reduce stress. It is important to have a good de-stress routine - talking to friends, listening to music, gaming (not excessively that you neglect your sleep) or watching comedies.

5. Taking Traditional Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese medication believes that when Blood and Qi (the flow of vital energy) are balanced and in harmony, your immune system is strong, and you will not fall sick so easily. There are a few Chinese herbs - American Ginseng, Bei Qi, and Dang Shen, that one can consume to ensure that one does not suffer from lack of Blood and Qi. The 3 Chinese herbs mentioned here can be consume easily by adding hot water and drinking them daily.

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6. Do not smoke

Research has already found that smoking depresses the body antibodies and cells in the body that help protects against viruses. This directly causes the immune system to be weaken.

7. Maintain a healthy weight

It is well-known that when one is over-weight, he is likely to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases etc. It has also been found that when one suffers from obesity, one's immune system is weaken too. Obesity impacts the functions of body cells, tissues etc. It directly weakens the immune system. However, the causes of such findings have not yet been found.

8. Control your alcohol intake

Moderate intake of alcohol such as red wine can improve your immune system. The reason - the other chemicals in the alcohol, not exactly the alcohol itself can improve the immune system. However, excessive drinking suppresses the immune system instead.

With the recent outbreak of Covid19 worldwide, more and more people are looking at ways to improve one's immune system. Take the above 8 simple way to better health and lifestyle.

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