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Postpartum Confinement Nourishment

Congrats on bringing your new bundle of joy into this world. After giving birth, you enter the postpartum confinement period.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views postpartum confinement as the period where you recuperate from your pregnancy and labour. Not only did you use a lot of energy during labour, you have also lost a significant amount of blood during the process too. Therefore, it is important that you take the postpartum confinement period (usually 28 to 40 days) seriously.

Here at TCM Made Easy, we advise you to consume some nutritious dishes that can aid your recovery. In the view of TCM, postpartum confinement period can be defined in three stages.

3 Stages of Postpartum Confinement

Stage 1: Recovery of Uterus and Wound (Day 1 to 7 after delivery)

The most important thing to do is to ensure that the uterus recovers properly. You have experienced heavy blood loss during delivery. After delivery, bleeding continues until the uterus contracts back to its normal size. If there are blood clots in the uterus, you might experience pain.

To help the uterus recover, TCM postpartum confinement nourishment practice will be to aid in the uterus contraction and promote blood circulation. If it is a normal delivery, you can help yourself by massaging your tummy.

Stage 2: Tissue Repair and Digestive Wellness (Day 8 to 14 after delivery)

This is the stage where your metabolism resumes to normal. In addition, your body produces 50% more blood during pregnancy, but not all extra blood is flushed out during delivery or stage 1, which can lead to water retention. Therefore, now is the time to build up your digestive system so that the body can help flush out excess fluids. That is also the reason why there are some postpartum confinement practices that advise you not to add salt to your dishes during postpartum confinement.

By building up your digestive wellness, you will be able to better absorb the nutrients and thus helping your body to repair the tissues and form the foundation for a steady supply of quality breast milk.

Stage 3: Overall wellness (15 days after delivery onwards)

The last stage is for your overall wellness. This stage is critical to ensure that you regain your vitality and ensure that your body is well prepared for subsequent pregnancies. So, with the use of TCM postpartum confinement nourishment recipes, you should aim to strengthen your joints, back and muscles, to nourish the blood and strengthen your physique.

In this modern society, there are more and more people who are DIYing their postpartum confinement. To assist mothers to be able to DIY their postpartum confinement without employing expensive postpartum confinement nannies, we have prepared an E-Book especially for those who would like to DIY their postpartum confinement period.

Inside this E-Book, we have planned out for you the herbal soups that your hubby/maid can cook for you according to the above 3 stages for postpartum confinement. With this E-Book, you can easily have a free & easy postpartum confinement with the help from your hubby/maid. We strongly advise you to download the E-Book in advance so that you can prepare ingredients required in the herbal recipes.

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